Mobile GMaps - Google Maps on your mobile phone!

Generic v1.2x - full versions
v1.2x without bluetooth support (but with internal GPS support)
v1.2x with reduced functionality (no bluetooth or internal GPS)
v1.2x minimal - same as the no-GPS version above

v1.2x with support for Motorola E1000 internal GPS
v1.2x with support for Sprint GPS
v1.2x with GPS tracking on APRS

Versions 1.2x:

Versions 1.2x without bluetooth (but with internal GPS support):

Versions 1.2x without bluetooth or internal GPS support:

v1.2x minimal

Versions 1.2x with support for Motorola internal GPS:

Versions 1.2x with support for Sprint GPS:

Versions 1.2x with GPS tracking on APRS: